| Photography In Albany california : Via North Berkeley | 

My Images are of street shots In Berkeley , depicting Berkeley in a new and Artistic Way . My Photographs are of how i see though my Camera Lens , It shows you guys That any image : You Creatate is most important – And Life’s goals and ambitions to Prosue its what counts in life . 
My Images speeck for them selfs | 
Angrygoldstar Productions : Copyrights Resurved : 2017 


Published by angrygoldstar

I am a Photographer / Videographer Living in Oakland California / In The San Francisco Bay Area .. I Manley shoot Portraits / Some events and Always strive to be a great creative in the World. My name Is Edgar A Lobel . I am a Creator Of Angrygoldstar Entertainment : Ink And An Artist at best . I studied Commercial Photography / Been shooting Photography As a creative - For About 4 years In total . Please feel free to contact me When need of a photographer . Please leave me a Voicemail or Email me ! Thanks .

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