Is this city Real Or ?

1 . Heres the thing in my time spent in Oakland and San Francesco bay area. The streets as they say dirty filthy but the city i call home. The truth is yes it gets extremely cold here specially in spring and summer. I Edgar grew up in this city of love and understanding of gays and culture . so for the city I call home I want to let you know that I love the city to the bottom of my heart and will always live here and die here. Every day is a new day for happiness every day is a new day to see the world at my fingertips I am never alone I will always be understood in this dirty filthy interesting city specially with all the crime/all the fun that is in the city and the crazy people that are around here. I understand that I’m not a perfect person I understand that things may not always be put together in light and the people around me may not understand who I am as a person in this world specially with autism. my street photography my portography in general is a photograph of a journal of mine of the meaningfulness of being a photographer in a loneliness type of song that I have but in the end I am a human I live my life the way it is I have no plans for the kids etc. so for me with autism I just want to say this it doesn’t matter who we are it doesn’t matter what we do judging a book by its cover changing who you are because of someone else’s opinion doesn’t change their opinion on the creative side one another even if that means it’s political or any other means of faith religious beliefs or identities of who you are gender wise can we just live our lives the way we want it to be. so here it is for you reading this long bio on basically how I am doing in my photography in the streets of San Francisco California and Oakland California can say this I’m not a perfect person I’m not the best person I could be all the time but I am the person I can’t be the person I will be just because one guy with a camera is creepy or nice doesn’t mean that that being a person in this community especially the person with autism can be understood in great detail the passion one has. The tools of the trade of photography to me that I have learned in college the past 4 to 5 years is basically just learning how to understand people because most people photograph people not just people photographing things and objects it’s really the point is who we are and what we see in general the identity of who we are as a species and up as of a person in society and year 2021 and beyond.

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( False Alarm ) Oakland CA Alerts + Using Citizen App 2023 |

My story Starts Here Only in my own opinion, Oakland SF bay area has becoming lawless city. Since i have been old enough to realize city chimes ‘ their is a better way To deal Extremely Hard dangers. Each day i go out and look around watching plus photography In streets of Oakland On Digital Or Film I realized that Their is always things that can end up Happening That we most miss or be left behind.

Here are my 10-12 images of San Francisco CA

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San Francisco In 2023| Street Photography , Journey By -A.G.S | Eddy Photography

Dear Reader This story or article blog , is that i had a friend judy Who her husband was a good man and great photographer. MS.Judy Is a teacher , and my mentor in my arts and photo journey. I am student photo + video editor at laney college ‘ downtown Oakland CA. San Francisco bay area is extremely beautiful and friendly most if the time. EEK theirs also good and bad out there. We all think bad but their is the good , specially i grew up near downtown Oakland closer to CAL ‘ campus nearest to Berkeley city limits.

City bus drivers Muni Transit – SF Bay Area

San Francisco CA ‘ 20/23 |

Film shot # 2 City life + Transportation

In Oakland CA ‘ to San Francisco East bay to north bay ‘ Each part of this city has so much yo offer . Its up to the city officials for guidance and advice and help those- known locals to See good in city SF.

Ladies Day + lakeside park By fairyLand

Thanks for reading readers Edgar A Lobel

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San Francisco Brisk | Easy Artistic Style Of Mundane Life | 2023 | Jan /Feb

Being part of this place i call home. Oakland to San Francisco each , day i see that there is lots of places and things to do , this city is based on the food / cultures and mix type backgrounds and those who are creating the future of technologies- What Silicon Valley people see – Tech nerds and those who do art / photography Videography or other meaningful things task , also their is lots that we don’t quite know about people and those who ” yes are homeless ” but their part what makes this city good / bad. To say that this city needs clean up ” yes and no ” its up to the mayors who elected by us the people no matter what type city big or small.

” I Take Each day As Its My Last “

Interesting man At Work

To say that San Francisco is the most popular place isn’t my own personal opinion but otherwise everyone wants be here • but their is still lots bad out their. Each metropolitan city deals with bad actors.

My Artist View though lens of a specific type of •special needs adult •

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( STORY ) Cold Breezy Chinese Lunar New Year’s | Downtown Oakland CA Jan 29/23 |

Usually its San Francisco bay Has the Lunar festivals , Which is most expansive And Lots of asian ‘ American and mix cultures cramped in this mid sized city. San Francisco to Oakland Now is all about Chinese festivals ‘ and festivities .

Photographs by Edgar A Lobel | Credits to those who are local bay area residents |~|

– Festival Of Chinese cultures –

This city to me is the most diverse city At similar to New York, Its to me The mini Manhattan ‘ City by the bay ‘ dirty but amazing city ( note ) Its cold in the spring / mid summer ) Bay Area Coastal weather

Main Square Oakland Down Town ‘ China town

( STORY ) Eddys Trips FT Emily Dunster Farey ‘ Girlfriend |~|

|~| So today For myself With special needs and strong , attachment for my girlfriend Emily Farey . I met her at Group house Near Downtown Oakland. I struggled years to find a Best Friend / lover . Each day by day last 2-3 years i have met her family , growing extremely • Close to har step parents as well. Each day i learn more about her and my life with emily. Just because we are special doesn’t mean it’s different then most average folk |~|

– Fotos of pour bliss – EDF / EL Live –

Fun Enjoyable moments matter when you least expect it – Love is when you see

( Same in every way )

Everything in life is a moment to capture what each of us enjoys . Myself and my girlfriend emily see great opportunities in each other. We love lots what we do . Its how we trying to understand a relationship / specially that we are Special needs and challenged . Just because we are Knowledgeable and also most time un – Averaged , Our special moments matter as much more then food / money / spending or Lavish lifestyle. We live comfortably, In Oakland ‘ .

My wonderful girlfriend Emily ! Year end 20/22 now 2023 • New Years •

GayPride Under Excessive Heat Wave Sep 22 • Holt plans but festivities go on !

Hot in the sun _ Street performer –
Water warning must haves heat weave !’ Free always better !’ Stock up on cold refreshments ‘ Aqua ‘

Heat wave in downtown Oakland Sunny Sunday afternoon ‘ In Oakland CA ‘ Perhaps the good out of it is Lots Fun with those in the sun , but Oaklands – Gay Pride celebrations ‘ keep going even till the evening hours as heat only gets worse by ( 9/5/22 and 9/9/22 ) week of pour hot heat advisories ‘ by MSM ‘ Mean stream media . As and Oakland-er myself i can say this ‘ Oakland known for being 78 Degrees or bit higher in September / mid October ‘ but never to highest of 95 a to 110 ‘ Degrees in Start fall inland ‘ coastal areas but cooler .

Stay cool this – start To FALL 2022

You have to stay cool in the north and east bays ‘ This Labor day weekend . Week 0f 2022 – bring cold watch ‘ pref ‘ chilled stay indoors in hottest areas bay area . Fans to keep you cool and ‘ Definitely definitely ‘ use sun screen .

Story Of Mundane Things In Oakland California | By Edgar Abreu Lobel

My Stress awareness , I stumble across Random people / Places And Things. I open my eyes to much more When I take out my Tool . My photography tool the tool that will show you what I see walking down collage avenue and downtown Oakland. The smells of gutters the sounds of Homeless individuals , the sights of Collage students and the ideals of Transformation , connections. Oakland has lots to offer when it’s there in plan sight .

When you truly understand the downtown uptown nature I call home. I realize and you should To that Oakland , is more then an open city , a city to be capitalized and thrown in the gutter. If you truly see eye to eye you can understand Were this City lies , from the shops from the street lamps and many in between. Downtown Oakland ‘ and the Ideal Downtown uptown depends if you value its offer, ” For Sure I value this offer”

In Oakland I grew up a Mexican Jew Raised with Two Wonderful Mother’s , Born In San Mateo county , In a hospital ‘ Deep shadow from the life I began. As a baby ruffed and ruffled by Mother and dad ‘ who put me into my new parents pants , Through the eyes of a new Life. I believe that only great things happen to those who want to see the outcome .

My Two lesbian mothers ‘ let’s say Aba / Eema and Mom / Eema . When I was 3 and a half I saw Three Of a kind. Then a third came by. Tammy / Was Thomas ‘. I you now know we’re I come from I see like Eyes viewed by a hulk , visions of great passions. Views of a new destiny in the eyes of a new artist and photographer . Looking for paths to follow , what do you see out of your mellow state of mind. Do you see your outcome ? What is it you dizzier in life, what interests you . Do you see the Mandane’ In you . I’ll leave it up to your interpretation in you.

Portrait Photography Work 15 Best Shots ‘ By Edgar Abreu Lobel , Artists Photojournalist : Upcoming :

Here are my best 15 images That I can say Speaks To What I photograph ‘ In my social Life .

Studio Images And OutDoor Portraits | Taken by Canon 1D Mark 1’1 and Nikon d3200 / Strobes / External Flash And OutDoor Light ‘


San Francisco Skyline / Street Photojournalist photography In 2019 |

Here are my Images From This Year , New Update On My YouTube Channels , And New Photojournalist photography Heading You’re Way . Here are my Best 30 Shots This Jun / July – Of 20-19 . Street lifestyle and Art And design ‘

Here are the Images

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