Wondering Streets Of SF Bay Area | What do you see good or ? In city by the Bay 2023

Dear Folks of San Francisco Bay Area , I have always wondered ‘ why the most important parts of our community’s we live in and the , messed up things that happen each day. Day by day we all see that yes the world we live by in our own small towns or larger cities’. The fact that just because we have excuses / arguments about safety / religion and Sexuality or other / racial stereotypes. Without this being extremely political views. Why do others tend to argue that helping one another is deemed unlawful ‘ just because someone with power ‘ aka bad or not runs around like kid held with weapons.

Stop U-Healthy addictions and Gun v.

The only ways to fix these issues specifically in so called @ Fox news ( CC -cities )Tuck Carlson ‘ has @ truly stated . Its not about what MSM or other political views on this matter

To stop a big problem from starting starts with better solutions / Health care – Food – And Medical systems’ Not fact of whom we elected in coverage congress ‘ who in my experience the one to @ Jude others is the one at a fault .

-( STORY ) –

Freedom comes With Great Responsibility !’

San Francisco explained/ Economist 2023

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