A Family Trip To Ardwenwood Farms | 

This trip for me was an experience in always enjoying , Pumpkin patches / Family is most important . This weekend is about seeing the world though different eyes . The pumpkin patch is a place to pick pumpkins and , Get Popcorn . Also We rode on the : Ardenwood Farms , Train . It was a great time . I have been to this place many times , But always is an enjoyable experience , And definitely a place for Kids , Big kids and Everyone , Of all ages . 
Agsentertainment Prouctions | 2017 Copyrights Resurved : Edgar Lobel Photography . 

|Oakland Farmers Market & Bart station , Emeryville California Street photography |• AGS Entertainment • 

Photography To me is understanding the world around me , And the people, Food , and Environment : These moments to me shows you the audience  that my life and the moments , all around the oakland San francisco  bay area . 
These Moments last lifetime | 
Edgar A Lobel : 10/20/17 Ags Copyrights Resurved . Angrygoldstar Entertainment •

| Photography In Albany california : Via North Berkeley | 

My Images are of street shots In Berkeley , depicting Berkeley in a new and Artistic Way . My Photographs are of how i see though my Camera Lens , It shows you guys That any image : You Creatate is most important – And Life’s goals and ambitions to Prosue its what counts in life . 
My Images speeck for them selfs | 
Angrygoldstar Productions : Copyrights Resurved : 2017 

Street Shots August 3rd 2017 : In Downtown oakland , Fruitvale and more 

These shots in the Streets of Oakland and rockridge . Images shot all on my Iphone SE . Photography to me is my life’s goals, To shoot images All around me and to tell a story even if i don’t say anything or tell the story in writing  … Hopefully u can see how i see the world one photograph at a Time . 
Photograph : by Agsentertainment : Angrygoldstar / Edgar A Lobel : Artist Youtuber and Blogger . Copyright 2027 

Paleontologist Richard Curitti : San Diego National History museum  

Richard C Is A Family Friend who Recently Discovered a Master on-site   Discovery . It gave more questions then answers . Richard Was on a dig sight on a Free way in San Diego . His team was looking to uncover interesting bones , But then Richard Say this site was not just a mastodon  but it was a descovery of the first humans in north america . His team found Tools that could possibly be the same tools used in a manner to kill the mastodon  for food . Richard was stunned . He is the only one to date who possibly changed the history books . These people we don’t know . We don’t have Bones of these arcade  Hamans and This desccovery proved that Humans in America / North america goes back millions and Thousands of years the stated . 

Good For Richard . It is a descovery from work for all the Team of National History Museum in Balboa Park . 
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More Info On Richards Descovery is on this link . 
Please check it out also go see the Exibit … If You’re traveling to San diego . 
Agsentertainment 2017 August 2nd –Copy Right – 

Street photos From Oakland San Francisco 

This image I Took on my Iphone SE Walking down The Street of Piedmont Avenue – On my way home . 

  1. Images I shoot show how i view oakland and san francisco . These images to me are an emotional part of my life . They tell a story just by looking at my images. Me My Camera / Iphone Camera . The Ego to fulfill my dream as a photographer – This vlog tells stories everyday .