Paleontologist Richard Curitti : San Diego National History museum  

Richard C Is A Family Friend who Recently Discovered a Master on-site   Discovery . It gave more questions then answers . Richard Was on a dig sight on a Free way in San Diego . His team was looking to uncover interesting bones , But then Richard Say this site was not just aContinue reading “Paleontologist Richard Curitti : San Diego National History museum  “

Contact Info ( For Photographs ) 

My contact information is :  Gmail  My Phone is (510)701-1387 when you call please leave me a full detailed message , if I can’t answer your msg.  It’s best to call me after 1:30 or on weekends          For photoshoots , wedding and plant photography , please let me know.  HopeContinue reading “Contact Info ( For Photographs ) “

My contest Video : YouTube  Thanks Looking Glass Photography Store for letting me be in the contest .  The looking glass photo store is in Berkley , and this store is great with helping people with getting better in Photography . This video was posted by The Looking Glass YouTube channel , I reposted my video to my accountContinue reading “My contest Video : YouTube “