Is this city Real Or ?

1 . Heres the thing in my time spent in Oakland and San Francesco bay area. The streets as they say dirty filthy but the city i call home. The truth is yes it gets extremely cold here specially in spring and summer. I Edgar grew up in this city of love and understanding of gays and culture . so for the city I call home I want to let you know that I love the city to the bottom of my heart and will always live here and die here. Every day is a new day for happiness every day is a new day to see the world at my fingertips I am never alone I will always be understood in this dirty filthy interesting city specially with all the crime/all the fun that is in the city and the crazy people that are around here. I understand that I’m not a perfect person I understand that things may not always be put together in light and the people around me may not understand who I am as a person in this world specially with autism. my street photography my portography in general is a photograph of a journal of mine of the meaningfulness of being a photographer in a loneliness type of song that I have but in the end I am a human I live my life the way it is I have no plans for the kids etc. so for me with autism I just want to say this it doesn’t matter who we are it doesn’t matter what we do judging a book by its cover changing who you are because of someone else’s opinion doesn’t change their opinion on the creative side one another even if that means it’s political or any other means of faith religious beliefs or identities of who you are gender wise can we just live our lives the way we want it to be. so here it is for you reading this long bio on basically how I am doing in my photography in the streets of San Francisco California and Oakland California can say this I’m not a perfect person I’m not the best person I could be all the time but I am the person I can’t be the person I will be just because one guy with a camera is creepy or nice doesn’t mean that that being a person in this community especially the person with autism can be understood in great detail the passion one has. The tools of the trade of photography to me that I have learned in college the past 4 to 5 years is basically just learning how to understand people because most people photograph people not just people photographing things and objects it’s really the point is who we are and what we see in general the identity of who we are as a species and up as of a person in society and year 2021 and beyond.

By edgar a lobel oct 31st 2021 At 9:35 pm Editor and photographer of Angrygoldstar entertainment


Published by angrygoldstar

I am a Photographer / Videographer Living in Oakland California / In The San Francisco Bay Area .. I Manley shoot Portraits / Some events and Always strive to be a great creative in the World. My name Is Edgar A Lobel . I am a Creator Of Angrygoldstar Entertainment : Ink And An Artist at best . I studied Commercial Photography / Been shooting Photography As a creative - For About 4 years In total . Please feel free to contact me When need of a photographer . Please leave me a Voicemail or Email me ! Thanks .

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