Contact Info ( For Photographs ) 

My contact information is :  Gmail 
My Phone is (510)701-1387 when you call please leave me a full detailed message , if I can’t answer your msg. 

It’s best to call me after 1:30 or on weekends 

        For photoshoots , wedding and plant photography , please let me know.  Hope to hear from you soon. AGSEntertainment : Edgar Lobel 2016 CopyRight 

My motto is : ( You tell me what to shoot then I’ll shoot photos for you )  

—Bio — 

            I’m a Bay Area Photographer , looking for interesting people , to photograph . Always a 1 on 1 person , will do big events , with some exceptions . I send images using Gmail or on disc . Please let me know if you would choose were you would need me to send the images to you. 
___________________A.G.S Entertainment ___________________* 


Published by angrygoldstar

I am a Photographer / Videographer Living in Oakland California / In The San Francisco Bay Area .. I Manley shoot Portraits / Some events and Always strive to be a great creative in the World. My name Is Edgar A Lobel . I am a Creator Of Angrygoldstar Entertainment : Ink And An Artist at best . I studied Commercial Photography / Been shooting Photography As a creative - For About 4 years In total . Please feel free to contact me When need of a photographer . Please leave me a Voicemail or Email me ! Thanks .

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