“My life So far”

Well you might be thinking, why i have this caption it is because my life is up and down my mom is struggling with arm pains and is going up and down. My other mom is Doing well i say. She has lots on her plate. I have bin up and down with mental stress and emotional torment that its all in me. I have aspbergers syndrome which is Emotional and hard to focus i live at home with my sister and two moms. Its hard for me. I was neglected and abused and tormented as a child. At the age of three i as adopted my my two moms. As you might know i am not a writer i am a YouTuber vloger not a blogger but when things come to mind i type. I have special needs sister hew stays in her own world. I guess i have to live and be with her even know she is in a fantasy world . I made a copal of songs one is EJ/DJ mix tap and the new one is called “So fly like a Diamond” witch i am still working on. I am a kid with lots of issues and i have lots on my plate. I am trying to be the best child in the family. I am a wonderful and enjoyable person or teen in my family life. I have a older brother he has his own child she is so quite. I am an Uncial as she calls me Uncial baby, which is so quite.

“Things i like to do”
1. My fav color is red blue or the gay rainbow.
2. I love to watch tv and eat snacks

3. I like to shop hang with friends

4. I love photography make videos on Youtube and also make Jewelry.

I don’t talk to stagers well i might something’s sorry moms.

I am very out going.

The last one is: 5 . “I love my life just as it is got no plans for no kids” 🎼

Thanks for looking at my history thanks blogger fans


Published by angrygoldstar

I am a Photographer / Videographer Living in Oakland California / In The San Francisco Bay Area .. I Manley shoot Portraits / Some events and Always strive to be a great creative in the World. My name Is Edgar A Lobel . I am a Creator Of Angrygoldstar Entertainment : Ink And An Artist at best . I studied Commercial Photography / Been shooting Photography As a creative - For About 4 years In total . Please feel free to contact me When need of a photographer . Please leave me a Voicemail or Email me ! Thanks .

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